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Picking out the right clothes is tough and at times it's like a part-time job. Which denim cut works best for your legs or which dress suits best to your body type is also like a solving puzzle. Even though these clothing guidelines and suggestions can seem overwhelming at first glance, they’re sure going to help ease off your shopping and dressing process. In this blog, we will through limelight on different yet important aspects of which colors work promising according to your skin tone. As per old school days, color rules like “redheads shouldn’t wear red” or “blondes shouldn’t wear yellow,” because let’s get real, those color combos can be pure gold.

Below, we break down on brief of skin tones and which clothing colors will compliment them.

Before you dive into figuring out your skin's undertones, make sure you're using natural light, as artificial light can change how your skin looks depending on the slight color shift caused by different types of light bulbs. This guide gives several great options to determine your skin's true undertone. For a quick check, we recommend flipping your palm face up and taking a look at the veins in your hand and wrist. If your veins have a blue or purple hue, then you have cool undertones. If the veins have a greenish cast, you have warm undertones. If you can't say that they favor one shade over the other, then you likely have neutral undertones.

The scale to skin tone is largely divided into three categories fair/pale skin, medium skin, dark skin tone.

Fair/ Pale Skin tone

Colors to wear

If you have a pale skin tone, you should try wearing colors that clearly contrast with your complexion. Look for rich, dark colors such as navy blue, charcoal grey, burgundy, forest green, olive green, dark brown. Those are the kinds of colors that will sit well next to your skin nd bring it alive.

colour shades,


Colors to avoid

 You should avoid wearing soft, pastel shades and bright colors as those will tend to look fade on you. This also applies to neutrals, so instead of white, light grey and beige, opt for richer darker shades like camel, khaki, tan and dark grey.

Now this doesnt mean you can't wear light colors at all, but you should aim to build te base of your outfit around dark colors and then pop up in some lighter colors in the mix if you wish to wear light color. In fact, pure white, off-white, ivory can still work quite well for pale skin complexions. Just steer clear of pastel colors, as those will often be very close to your skin color and thus that will not suit best on you. 

Medium Skin Tone

Colors to wear


 Most of the colors will work well with your skin tone, but you can make sure that you’re looking your best by opting for shades that are either a little brighter side or a little darker than the midpoint. So if you’re going for earth tones for example, pale beige might work better than mocha brown, chocolate brown and charcoal grey will work better than mid grey.

medium color shade



Colors to avoid

What you need to avoid are colors that will blend in too much with your skin, giving you that nude look. While in shoping, when in doubt, place the item next to your arm: if you can barely tell the difference between your skin and the clothing, that’s a no-go. Colors that will probably not work for you are: mustard, olive, lime and mocha brown. Personally, I know that mustard looks terrible on my skin.

If your skin is medium to light, then darker shades will work better. If your skin is medium to dark, lighter shades will work better. So if you want to pull off a pastel look, make sure you’re tanned enough so that the pale colors don’t wash you out.

Dark Skin Tone

Colors to wear

You can pull off pretty much any color which your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all the bold bright colors. Just make sure to blend them with neutral colors to avoid looking like a clown. For a summer-ready look, try going for some pastel-on-pastel shade, those shades will contrast very well with your complexion.

 bright color shades


Colors to avoid

You pretty much want to stay far away from brown, because much like pastels for light skin, there won’t be enough contrast between your skin and the clothing. Black and navy blue are two colors you need to be careful while playing with, as they can oversahdow you it used in large amount, so make sure you mix them in with some lighter colors.

Hope this blog was helpful you to pick up right clothing as per to your skin tone. Determine your correct skin tone, make a wise choice of clothing and flaunt with confidence.


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