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Who says men are not fond of shopping or take less interest in styling? As women often get fascinated by beautiful window displays at the store, so the men also get captivated by window displays. But think that how it looks on you them or how to carry this outfit with confidence? Men’s, Does this situation sounds familiar? If yes, then we have brought you the solutions to dress up according to your body shape. Dressing as per body shape? Yes, you heard right, just like women, there are body shapes for men too. Men can also choose the right clothes and get groomed as per their body shape to walk confidently in public or on special occasions.

The previous blog was all about the women's body types and styling tips accordingly. This blog is dedicated to men’s body type and styling tips, so to find the right clothes as per the body shape and get compliments.

So men, Check out this blog for dos and don’ts styling tips according to your body shape. To look handsome and stand out in a crowd.

 The men's body shapes are mainly categorized into three types are as detailed below.

men body shape, men clothing



The characteristics that define this body shape are small frame and bone structure, flat chest, small shoulders, thin, lean muscle mass, finds it hard to gain weight.

men clothing, men tshirt

Do's and dont's styling tips

  • The key thing with this body shape is to add bulk to your body.

  • Avoid clothes that make you look thinner.

  • You include horizontal stripped clothing to add visual bulk to your body.

  • You can play with variety for checks. 

  • Wear padded shoulders in your jackets, blazers, and coats.



The aspects that define this body shape are athletic, generally, hard body, well-defined muscles, rectangular-shaped body, strong, gain muscle easily.

Mens clothing, jackets, suits

Dos and donts styling tips

  • If you possess this body shape you should wear straight or wide-leg trousers and wear shirts and jackets that are wider at the shoulders but hug your waist.

  • The main thing to avoid is baggy clothing.

  • The tiny patterned and plain colors will suit better. 

  • Avoid the clothes which adds bulk to your shoulder. 

  • Slim fit shirts and t-shirts can create wonder. 

  • Slim fit or regular fit trousers can be good choice.



The elements of this body shape are soft and round body gains muscle and fat very easily generally short, stocky build round physique finds it hard to lose fat.
 men suit, jackets, men fashion


Do's and dont's styling tips

  • If you have this body shape you should wear jackets with shoulder pads to create long slim looking lines.

  • Wear single colors. In that also dark colors can be the good choice.

  • Try and avoid trousers that are pleated in front, wear trousers that are trim but not tight.

  • Wear double-breasted jackets to take the eye away from the torso.

  • Include vertical striped shirts and t-shirts in your closet.


At the end, the whatever the styling tip you pick just make sure that you are highlighting your strenghts. Understand your body try to pick the body type close to your and make right choice of clothing accordingly.

WEARWELL have an enormous products range to fulfill your need as er your body shapes. Upgrade your closet with WEARWELL and follow styling tips to look distinctly in public. Hope this blog was useful for you. Stay tuned for more such informative styling blogs. Until then happy shopping.

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