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When it’s freezing winter outside, dressing up is bit tricky. While dressing up professionally especially in winter, the comfortable and warm clothing is important.

Generally, people prefer to put layers of clothes right from head to toe. Now-a-days layering clothes with style is important. With style protect your body in coldy winters.

When it’s too cold outside we are ready to carry bulky clothes as possible to stay warm.

In today’s blog we will try out some amazing tips of professional dressing in frosty winter. Let’s rock the runway of the workplace with layers of clothing when it’s freezing out.


Wear a long Coat, Suit & Pant Set, Blazers:

If you commuting time to work place is more than which coats or suits you wear matters. "If you're comfortable during your ride or walk to work, you have less of a need to catch up and warm up once you arrive at the office," says Taylor. A set of plain or checks woolen suit and pant is a good choice, if the temperature is too cold than you can also carry a trench coat or long plaid woolen coat while commuting. When there is less freezing out you can go for only blazers or long coat. Women’s can only carry long coat as outer clothing on one piece dress.

 Men suit set











pant suit set, men suit, women suit

Add Accessories to your outfits:

The nice piece of scarf or muffler can enhance your look. If you wearing plain coat or blazer then printed or two color or ombre effect scarf can be decent choice. Similarly, if you are wearing plaid or checks or little printed coat or suit then go for plain single color scarf or ombre effect muffler.

Wear a gloves to keep you warm, so to avoid have a freezing hands which can be a destruction in your work. Plus, as long as those accessories aren't old or tattered, they tend to look nice and professional - so you shouldn't feel the need to immediately rip them off the moment you walk through the door of your work place.


Have a pair of professional shoes or heels under your desk:

While commuting where comfortable shoes which keep you warm also. Don't wear heals or dress shoes to work in the middle of a snowstorm just to maintain a professional look. It's dangerous, and your feet will freeze. Wear snow boots or long boots and change once you arrive at the office. 

Also, to keep you little warm at work place you can for stylish combat boots or Chelsea boots, that gives professional look on your suit-blazer and pant set outfit. 


Have an extra blazer or a long shawl or stole at workplace:

In the unpredictable winter months, Taylor says "And most thermostats are off limits to employees, so you may not have much control over the temperature."

Having an extra black blazer at work place is good decision, black color goes mostly on any outfit. Keeping a shawl may also save you on days where you're freezing in the office. If shawl is draped in stylish way or very neatly can still give you professional look if you walk around the office.


Keep a pair of fingerless gloves at your desk:

You can keep your hands warm while working on the freezing days when the office is cool. Fingerless gloves are also easier to type in than regular gloves, and they're less noticeable.

Think layers:

Some office are warm in winter but some are cold at times. So to avoid uncomfortable circumstances of shivering think of wearing layers.

Wearing a sweater over a nice dress shirt or wearing a long cardigan style coat. You'll look professional when you're chilly and the sweater is on.

You can also layer by wearing warm socks, long underwear, or tights under your clothes. In ladies case, they can also cover their legs by wearing skin color thermals.




 Avoid wearing hats or winter caps:

 Avoid wearing hats or winter caps at workplace, take it off once you reach at your work place that will optimal your professional look. Of course, dress codes vary from office to office and amongst industries.

In this winter rock runway of your workplace in style with layers of clothing. Hope this blog will be helpful to you. Let us know your valuable reviews in comment box. Stay cozy. Stay stylish. Happy Winters.


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  • Publicado en Sampada Agnihotri

    You have made things easy for these chilly winters! Thank you for such an amazing clothing ideas.

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