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History About Shorts:

Typically, shorts were used more for necessity than fashion and were mainly worn at a particular event in summers or at beaches or for some sports activities.


Gradually, years rolled on and fashion concepts changed along with social perceptions, shorts now have become essential clothing in men's wardrobe, especially for outdoor and sports activities.


Interesting facts about Shorts:

  • As the first appearance of shorts, it was a trendy knee hugging pants. These trendy short length pants were taken forwarded by fashion-forward European thinkers and mainly used in warmer climates.
  • This idea of short length pants reached into the military and they redesigned the short pants with bulky patch pockets on thighs. This was named Cargo shorts, which allows soldiers to keep cool whilst maintaining the ability to carry many necessary items into the pockets.
  • Unlike various items that were adopted by the military, they soon became remarkably fashionable for common people and they start wearing shorts in public.


Types of Shorts:

In today's, people feel shorts are the most comfortable clothing, that's is why shorts are everywhere from the beach to business. They are not only suitable for warmer climates and summer months but also seen used in both casual and formal wear.

There are many different styles that are available.


Sweat Shorts

In the sportswear, the sweat shorts /pants are trending in full swing. A short is popular clothing of streetwear as well as it used for leisure and lounging. The sweat short is a particularly casual pair of shorts but can provide a unique urban look.

The styling tip:  You can pair sweat shorts with a regular or plus size fit t-shirt. A logo print or graphic t-shirt is the ideal pair here. To finish the look add some vintage style running shoes and to give your outfit an edge, layer with an open casual shirt.


Chino shorts

Chino shorts are versatile and can be used for either formal or casual wear. The chino short is a summer staple for most men due to its comfort and ability to goes well with almost any outfit.

The Styling Tip: For a classic and stylish look create a combo of slim fit chino shorts, with a white oxford or pastel tint shirt and a pair of boat shoes.


Cargo Shorts

The cargo short started it's a journey from the military and was designed for the troops in warmer climates who still required to be heavily packed. They soon became popular amongst the public and now have remarkable features every summer essential since. Generally, cargo shorts and related to the military the camouflage color palette is prominently used or liked by most of the men.

The Styling Tip: A pair of sand-colored cargos with a black t-shirt is an all-time stunning choice of outfit to stand out. Some eye-popping contrasting matches can be also a good preference.


Denim Shorts

The denim short is an example of a casual or streetwear clothing style, especially if they are plain blue. For a more stylish touch choose rugged or bleach effect denim. These shorts are a more relaxed fit. The shorts can be loose fit at knee-length or can be folded edge at knee length.

The styling tip: If you choose a slim or skinny fit and darker colors such as black, dark blue can prove to be a smart choice of outfit.


 Swim Shorts

Mainly, these shorts are used at the pool or the beach, but sometimes those summer beach days often lead you to stroll into the local town for an afternoon bevy. Hence, it's important that your swim shorts look decent in public. The swim shorts have gone through various redesigning, long ago it wasn't so short. Gradually, time changes the modifications in length appears as swim shorts were also used as board shorts, this provides a more stylish look. 

The styling tip: For more stylish attire keep your shorts one block color that can be matched with a lot of other garments. The color blocks such as navy blue, black, or charcoal grey.



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